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Insurance Claims Patients

Insurance claims patients are required to present their insurance card at every visit to ensure that we have the correct information on file. Patients are responsible to inform our office of any insurance changes at the time of service. If your insurance coverage changes and we are not notified, you will be responsible for all charges denied by your insurance company. Please be advised that medical providers have a specific period of time allotted to bill your insurance company for services rendered. If you delay in providing our office with your new information, we may not be able to bill your insurance for prior services, and you will be responsible for those charges.


Insurance Coverage

Our office provides care within the scope of services covered by your insurance policy. Each patient has a different insurance policy and coverage determination. Due to the vast amount of different medical policies we are unable to verify that all services performed by our office will be covered by your specific insurance plan. If in doubt, please contact your insurance company to verify that the services will be covered, prior to the appointment day. In the event that your health insurance determines a service not to be covered, you will be responsible for the charge.



Your insurance company requires our office to collect co-payments, deductibles, and co-insurance amounts at the time of service. If you are unable to make your payment according to the terms of your insurance policy at the time of service, we will need to re-schedule your appointment, and you will not be able to see the Medical provider.

Self Pay Patients

Payment Methods

Our office accepts the following methods of payment: Cash, Master Card, Visa, and Discover credit cards. We do not accept Personal checks for in-office payments. Checks are only accepted for mailed payment on account balance.


Self-pay patients are expected to pay in full before services are rendered. For self-pay prices please call our office.


Payment / Insurance


Returned Check Policy

If a check is returned due to insufficient funds, a $30.00 fee will be charged to your account, and our office will not be able to accept any checks from you for future payments.

Service Fees

Laboratory Services

Our office provides a blood draw service for our established patients. There is a fee of $15.00 for our patients to have their blood drawn in our office. Please be advised that this service is only to draw the blood, we will submit the specimen to the laboratory contracted by your insurance company for processing and billing. We do not bill your insurance company for your blood work; the laboratory will bill your insurance for the processing of you lab order. If you are concerned that your insurance company may not cover your lab services, please contact the Laboratory and your insurance company for guidance.


Medical Forms Fee

Our Medical providers will be happy to complete medical forms requested by patients (Physical Forms, Insurance policies, Disability applications, etc.) A charge of $25 will be incurred for our providers to complete any medical forms. Please allow 15 business days for the completion of these forms.


Medical Records Fee

Please note that there is a charge for record release of $1.00 per page for the first 25 pages, and $0.25 for each additional page. If records are released electronically, the charge will be $25.00 per CD. Prepayment is required before records are released. These charges apply to any copies of information requested from patient’s chart.


No-Show Policy

It is the policy of Orlando Family Practice Care that patients should give a 24-hour notice if they are unable to attend their scheduled appointment. If an appointment is missed without notice, a charge of $25 will be charged to your account.